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About SB Drive Power Ltd.

With over 20 years of experience in supply of specialized Disaster Management Equipments, agriculture & high utility products, SB Drive Power Limited stands alone in serving the nation with core family values and big business capabilities.

SB Drive Power Limited is the trusted supplier of various Disaster Management Products, parts and accessories. We have a wide range of products often required for disaster relief operations. We are associated with Leading Global Manufacturers of different types of tools & equipments used for Agriculture, Disaster Management & Infrastructure Projects.

Cylindrical Shaped Fabric

For Inflatable Lighting Tower
of any make and any brand

Portable, Foldable, and light weight
Polyester Polyurethane treated fabric
Provided with a Shoulder Bag for convenient carrying
Takes 1 minute to inflate and
Approx 3 min to achieve full illumination

Portable Inflatable Lighting Tower

Prep Time: Less than a minute.
Time to reach max illumination: one minute
Number of Bulbs: 1 unit
Bulp Type: Osram Metal Halide. Bulb Power:1000w
Bulb Life: 32000 hours

Lite Master

Portable Balloon Lighting System

This portable easy-carry model is a new design weight 14.5kg. easy-carry in two bags (Design inspiration by a Japanese expert). The light source by 400w metal halide lamp and we improved the big electronic box for metal halide lamp in to a small device inside the lamp head. Luminous flux is 36000 lumens.


Portable rechargable LED Light

POWERLITE 540 is a powerful and innovative mobile lighting system useful for emergency lighting. it consists of the light, tripod, lithium battery and transport cart & does not need any generator to support like other kind of emergency lighs.


The POWERLITE is a powerful innovative mobile lighting system useful for emergency lighting. It consists of the light, tripod, battery & carry bag & does not need any generator to support like other kinds of emergency lights. The whole unit is of compact design which can be carried to remote locations. The lighting system is equipped with battery,


High Flux LED with Efficient Light
Life: 50,000 Hours
Easily carryable and lightweight
Rechargeable 12V7AH
Sealed Lead Acid Battery with 500 Cycles
Height adjustment and Handheld Style

Bakpack LED Light With Remote Control

A Portable Light Weight Unit that walks with you.
Leaves both hands free to carry out the work

Remote-Control Switch
Beam Switch 360 Degrees
Waterproof : IP65
Mass Height : 6M
Charging Time : 2H
4 Meter Cordless Leads


For Highrise Tower and Maintenance

The new high quality ABS material, thicker shell
Smart Charger, full power protection
Alluminium light cup, condensing good not easily deformed
Tempered glass lense